“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you haven’t really learned anything.” (Muhammad Ali)

Friendship is perhaps the sincerest form of Love, driven by no physical, instinctive drive, but only by the desire to share time together.

We meet a person, talk to them, get to know them, not knowing that they will shortly assume an indispensable role in all our days. The great thing is that we get to know someone and realize right away that they have something special or consider them insufferable and then reevaluate them and laugh about it.

In friendship we choose each other, every day, despite the fact that life may hold different choices, goals, desires. Unlike love relationships, those between friends weather storms, distances and differences. Because true friends know how to listen and support, with no judgment.