I wonder,” he said, “if the stars are illuminated so that each person may one day find his own.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupèry)

According to the ancient sages, Love is not just a feeling: it is the only force in the universe, and creation, in its totality, comes from Love.                                                                                                                         

All men, whether good or bad, virtuous or sinful, saint or damned, are captivated by this abstract concept, and each one in the face of this word reacts in his or her own way: with selfishness, with altruism, with mystical impulse; in short, with all the possible nuances that the human soul possesses.

Giordano Bruno was accused by the holy inquisition for his bold statement in which he declared that the universe is not governed by a God seated on a throne in the highest heaven, but by the power of Love that permeates everything and being. And we might well say that he was right. Otherwise, with such wide diversity permeating today’s society, it would not explain how humankind keeps going. If there were not the absolute Love that tolerates everything and heals souls, for thousands of years perhaps humans would have already become extinct.