“Love is that thing that makes the journey worthwhile.” (Franklin P.Jones)

The term love is derived from the Latin amor – amoris – that desire which attracts one to another person, which runs through the heart and embraces the body in its entirety. 

The etymology of the word love goes back to the Sanskrit kama meaning desire, passion and physical attraction, just as the verb to love goes back to the Indo-European root ka from which (c)amare means to desire in a visceral way, in an integral and total way.

Another etymological interpretation traces the term back to the Greek verb mao – I desire – to indicate an outward, visceral and almost animalistic attraction to be distinguished from a mental, rational and spiritual attraction.

The last etymological and most romanticized interpretation is from the Latin a-mors, meaning without death, emphasizing a powerful and intense feeling that lasts forever.

Love is thus the quintessential sentiment, which comes in a thousand ways: for the person with whom one shares a lifetime, for an overwhelming but fleeting passion, for one’s family members, for friends, for the beauty of nature, for food, for oneself. 

The LOVE MUSEUM is the manifesto of universal Love. Because each of us, at least once in our lives, walks through a tunnel of hearts….

“They may cut all the flowers, but they cannot stop the spring.” (Pablo Neruda)

Love is born, grows and blossoms in all its beauty, smelling of good, of flowers, of spring. And even when life holds dark times, a new Love will come to save us.

Just as it happens in the cycle of the seasons where the cold winter always gives way to a wonderful new spring capable of warming the heart.