“You can never understand the sea, but by sailing you will come to understand your heart!” (Michele Gentile)

Since time immemorial, the sea has been the setting of early adolescent love affairs, fleeting relationships, and troubled loves, likened to stormy waves. 

From Greek mythology to the literature of all times, the sea has been a protagonist, a backdrop or a metaphor in the most intricate stories. Ulysses abandoned his Penelope to wander the world, losing himself in the waves and the arms of many women before returning home; Leopardi in his most famous poem – “The Infinite” – declares how sweet it is to shipwreck in this sea, going beyond fear and his imagination, dreaming of a new life and his beloved.

The pool in which to dive, reminiscent precisely of the colors of the sea, is the heart of the Love Museum, to free oneself from all burdens, launch oneself of feelings and feel free to love and be loved.